Wearable Sensors to Collect Health Information

tattooHR-617x416 blog pic 1.20.15

Much as our studies use sensors to monitor daily activity in homes, other researchers are working on sensor technology to monitor physiological data from patients with various diseases. Researchers from The University of California, San Diego have developed a type of sensor that sticks onto the skin, similar to a rub-on tattoo. This sensor measures blood glucose levels non-invasively, eliminating the need for daily needle pricks.

The sticker-like sensor works by registering glucose excretions on the skin and utilizing a “biosensing” mechanism to accurately monitor blood sugar levels that rise and fall throughout the day as a result of food consumption. This device is not the first of its kind; other types of sensors are currently being tested for potential use by diabetic patients, such as polymer microbeads that can be implanted just underneath the skin. The standard blood draw methods for glucose monitoring can be unpleasant and discouraging, but scientists are hoping that these non-invasive sensor technologies can help address these types of issues.

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